30 years of igniting wonder

Here are some highlights from the last 30 years

Over the past 3 decades, we have welcomed a variety of big names from around the globe. Here are just a few:

1987: A Science Centre Fit for a Queen

The Queen pops by to dedicate the former Expo Centre building “for the people of British Columbia.” No big deal.

1993: Comradery

Mikhail Gorbachev engages students under the dome during a student summit

2008: The Goodall Days

Jane Goodall shared her work on chimpanzees with Roots and Shoots youth leadership groups from across BC, who present their ideas on how to improve the planet for people, other animals and the environment.

2013: From ISS to Instagram

Commander Chris Hadfield discusses science, space, the power of music and social media with Hootsuite CEO, Ryan Holmes.

2016: Stayin’ Alive

Expo Ernie stops by to help us celebrate the 30th anniversary of Expo 86

2018: Science Meets Science Fiction

Luke Skywalker’s® original Lightsaber® is an irresistible Force in The Science of Ripley’s Believe It or Not! exhibition and inspires a Science World After Dark event that’s out of this world.

How many of these experiences can you name?

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A Special Thank You

TELUS has been a supporting partner of Science World since 2005, and we thank them for their commitment to a thriving future for BC!

We’ve reached more than 18 million people

Under the dome and across the province

2,400,000 Students Inspired

You can’t put a price on science presentations...so we didn’t. Instead, our Scientists and Innovators in the Schools program trains STEAM professionals across the province to deliver free in-class presentations. Since 1989, we have inspired over 2,400,000 students.

100,000 People Connected

Our Community Science Celebration program celebrates the cool science that’s happening in communities across BC. This program connects the public to organizations, businesses and educational resources in that region—for free! Over its 12-year history, it has connected over 100,000 people to their local STEAM community.

660,000 Students Visited

A tour de force...literally. Our On The Road program brings joy, excitement and the wonders of science to K–12 students across the province. Through its 11-year history, the On The Road gymnasium presentations reached over 660,000 students. Now that’s a lot of TP! Hear what students and teachers are saying bout this program.

1 Million Visitors in 2018

A million reasons to celebrate! We reached 1 million people in 2018, through visitors to the dome and through our outreach programs. That means that over one-fifth of the population of British Columbia have been introduced to, excited by or further developed a life-long love of STEAM.

Answers: 1. Ames’ Room (big-small room)   2. Beaver dam   3. Jolly Jumper   4. Piano in Eureka!   5. Van de Graaff generator   6. Dino exhibition

Ignite Your Wonder at: scienceworld.ca